Trustees’ Message
ImagePradipbhai N. Kotak

Dear Student Friends,

Going back in to the memory lane, I recall the teachers and the principal for their far-sighted vision which gives the message of life.

First of all the question arises is what On one hand there was Guru Sandipani who taught Lord Krishna and Sudama, a sense of equality and other hand Guru Dronacharya who gave Know knowledge only to the prince and expected thumb as a reward for the Dalits.

The name of the principal of my school was Maganbhai Vyas once a very reputed person of Gujarat visited the school and said, “I will send my son to your school only on the condition that he must be given liberal treatment” Principal replied with joint hands “I am sorry, but for me all the students are equal.”

The real meaning of the education is that it links students to the practical life.

With a hope that all the students of the college achieve great height, I extend very warm wishes to them.

Pradipbhai N. Kotak,
Trustee, Rajkot Kelavani Mandal

ImageSudhirbhai Kotak

Dear Students and Guardians,

The word Kelavani itself means to blossom. It does bit stand for “To become” or “To Produce”.

We have to appreciate everything good in others. The word Educations Stands for Edu-care which means “To bring out” that is to bring out whatever is implicit. I feel pleased that all the students, guardians and faculties of this college are really vigilant.

All of us need to understand that the objective of our institution should not be neglected.

I extend my good wishes to the college and hope that it might progress each and every day.

Sudhirbhai Kotak,
Trustee, Rajkot Kelavani Mandal

ImageRambhai Kotak

This college has successfully completed its 20 years and has entered in 21st year on this significant achievement in the furtherance of the education by a family committed to a cause, the education must be available to all in this country.

The foundation of Rajkot Kelavani Mandal by “Kotak Family” through “Shri Girdharbhai Kotak and Shri Tribhovandas Kotak” who look at upon themselves decades ago, to set up an institute which would impart education to girls. The family believed that an educated girl would not just one but two families and would also ensure that her children get educated. With this motive and aim this great institution took more then 20 years ago. All family members committed themselves to further this clause by contributing time and money for the growth of this institution. Today after 2 decades of the selfless service the Kotak Family through the able guidance of its trustees and family members has ensured that Rajkot Kelavani Mandal grows to be enviable size. The success of the schools and Colleges under the umbrella can be gauged from the results obtained at the various public exams held every year.

The dedication of the trustees, members of working committee, faculties of the college are responsible for the growth and success of all the schools and Colleges under the Rajkot Kelavani Mandal.

Completion of 20 years of the college is a shining example of this education legacy.

Rambhai Kotak,
Trustee, Rajkot Kelavani Mandal


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